The interpolation operation module performs interpolations on the decoding matrixes of the selected subcarriers to derive obtain decoding matrices of the unselected subcarriers. A first end of the feeding part corresponds to the ground terminal part. The main access point acquires every access point’s information within a local area network. The monopole antenna further includes a second radiator connected to the first terminal, extending along a third direction far away from the grounding terminal, having a first included angle with the transmission line, including a plurality of turns, and operating within a second frequency range. A main access point is first selected.

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The first antenna assembly includes a first and a second planar inverted-F antennas, which are symmetric with each other and disposed on the first side of the substrate. The casing has a terminal end opposite to the USB connecting end and a hole located at the terminal end.

The method includes steps of providing a substrate including a feed-in terminal and a ground terminal; and forming a ground conductor structure on the substrate extended from the feed-in terminal to the ground terminal and including a first conductor corporaation along a first direction, a second conductor extended from the first conductor along a second direction, a third conductor extended codporation the second conductor along a third direction, and a fourth conductor extended from the third conductor along a fourth direction, wherein a first obtuse angle is formed between the first direction and the second direction, a second obtuse angle is formed between the second direction and the third direction, and an acute angle is formed between the third direction and the fourth direction.


The grounding portion includes a slot cavity and a grounding branch. The second radiation portion is located under the radiation portion and parallel with the first radiation portion.

Arcadyan Technology Corporation

In a second assembly mode, the fourth connecting part is connected to the second connecting part so that the base frame is fixed to the second plane of the housing and supports the housing with a third plane adjacent to the second plane.

In arcadan first assembly mode, the third connecting part is connected to the first connecting part so that the base frame is fixed to the groove. The antenna includes a feeding connecting member, a horizontal radiator, a vertical radiator and a grounding connecting member. The sub-block comprises a sequence.

Two extending plates are extended from a front surface of one of the horizontal plates. The grounding layer is formed on the surface of the substrate. The first resonator includes a first corporatin cavity, a first extension slot, a first conductive portion and a second conductive portion. After the coordinate system is constructed, the electronic compass measures the current direction information directed towards the controlled device to be remote controlled corporstion a current location.


One of them listed is from Arcadyan Technology Corporation.

Arcadyan Technology Corp (3596.TW)

Each resource unit comprises a sub-block. The extension part is extended toward a first inclined direction of the monopole antenna. The circuit board includes a signal transmitting unit and a grounding unit. The grounding unit is connected with the second terminal of the micro-line unit and has a grounding point.

Arcadyn first side and the second side are arcxdyan. Taiwan, Province of China Inventor Yang, Yu-Shuang Chang, Yu-Hsin Abstract The present invention discloses a method and an apparatus to automatically remove crosstalk, which can automatically determine and set the start frequency in the G.

The two points are connected over a wire for forming a signal-feeding direction. The impedance matching unit disposed on the second surface includes first to fourth patches. The antenna includes a first antenna member structurally with a mushroom-shaped radiation portion and an antenna connection portion being electrically connected with a ground zrcadyan.

The substrate comprises a first surface and a second surface. The connection acadyan includes a first end, a second end and a third end, wherein the first end is configured at a first distance from a ground.

The first end is driven by the actuating member, so that the second end is rotated around the pivotal portion to touch the enabling portion.


The cooperative apparatus averagely allocates resource blocks to the femtocells in the same femtocell group, and randomly allocates resource blocks to different femtocell groups. The wireless network comprises a plurality of femtocells. The first radiation element operates in a first frequency band, is connected to corporatiln impedance matching control element, and extends along a first direction having an obtuse angle with respect to a longitudinal direction of the first connection part.

I just had to redo all connections to my network due to someone else logging into it.

The heater may be turned on after the temperature controller is turned on. The coupling effect allows the second antenna member to activate a second band electromagnetic wave. The opposite antenna units are mutually served be reflectors. After that, the scan result may result in changing channels. Each of the two radiation portions is formed in a boot shape within a quadrilateral region having a first edge with a first length, a second edge with a second length, a third edge with a third length and a fourth edge with a fourth length.