The mouse is a V optical mouse made by Logitech. The result was excellent. The speakers are located at the top of the keyboard and just below the screen. Battery life and performance differs with the use of each different Power4 Gear mode. I thought it was an awesome deal!

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As for the touchpad mouse button, it has an Apple like design.

Asus F3A Manuals

It looks like a single mouse button but it is actually two buttons in one piece. You open the lid by pressing a black small button wsus the front of the laptop. The build and design of this laptop is very nicely done. It is like any other touchpad but with a small exception, the scrolling function is located in the right side of the touchpad, instead of the normal separate key in between the mouse buttons.


The Processor performs extremely well; I can play Battlefield 2 and Madden 07 without any hassle or problem. You can see more detail regarding the V optical mouse on Logitech.

Ssus suggest readers to check other Asus laptop reviews asuus get a better glimpse at Asus US customer support.

ASUS F3A user manuals download

The ports are mostly located on the right side. However, you do see a contrast difference when viewing it from a high and low angle. However, this laptop has very few problems that I can pick on.

The keys require limited pressure to press. As for the messenger bag, it is very handy. I will name the function keys in order from left to right: All the pre-installed software is useful in my opinion. The laptop has felt surprisingly cool throughout my use.

There are 8 Power4 Gear modes, below are the predicted battery times in each mode:. I also added another 1GB of ram total: I was told the F3 is the upgrade from the Asus A6 or S96j.


F3A | ASUS Global

I did a Skype webcam test with my sister in New York half way across the world! Asus also has a hotkey built for this software.

It offers a great machine for business and gaming and it is also a portable machine. I love this laptop! It has six modes which include: I am going to the Asuus of Washington this fall.

I myself am buying an Ogio Fugitive bag as a school bag. The lid opens smoothly without any problem. I spent nearly two months trying to find a perfect laptop for myself.

This is where I am disappointed. It takes about another 35 seconds to load and finish most background and startup software. The Asus F3Ja comes with a mouse and a laptop messenger bag view large image view large image The mouse is a V optical mouse made by Logitech.

I wish it was 2. I thought it was an awesome f3w

In the end, I bought the Asus F3Ja at the convention. There are 8 Power4 Gear modes, below are the predicted battery times in each mode: Asue fits the I need a computer that is portable enough for me to take around campus and powerful enough for me to play games such as Battlefield 2 — or any other high end graphic games.