It seems like the video memory is being filled and not released. This problem happens for me with live cd. The error I would bet while under the live cd is in dmesg:. CoD Modern Warfare 2 I have an acer aspire and this has also happened to me.

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So the problem is in the unclear error message. Compiz worked wonderfully in Gusty. I have desktop effects 3D running good so far.

Getting error above while trying run compiz by hands in terminal kao Phobos: Also, when the Mobiligy CD tries to enable them, it hangs too but this time it leaves a black screen and the cursor which I can move but nothing more. Can I have anybody’s attention here? So while I agree with Sergio Zanchetta that this is certainly a different error, it is worthwhile to note that in order for at least some people to test a fix for this bug, that regression must be solved.


So no 3D acceleration what so ever works.

I could post any log files, or mentioned xorg. I just upgraded and love it, but my frame rate is too slow to do much with compiz. Each of the five instructions of a VLIW bundle has to be independent from the others and therefore the performance depends on the optimization of the driver. In Feisty everything works fine. This is a regression from the morning of Friday Sept 21st although the updates installed may have been from late in the day on Thursdaywhen desktop effects were functioning completely normally, as they had been since first installing Tribe 5.

This is another issue for another bug. And when started the video test – the results are also “striped”. See full activity log.

ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 5470 Drivers & Support

Thank you for your reply. I don’t remember exactly what I did, but I usually bookmark or save any fixes that I use. But what I have mobilityy though is that the desktop effects using compiz are just not very stable. I did get it to crash again, but only when I intensely used the 3D and got it to lock.


William Grant wgrant wrote on If I remove the line corresponding to x, compiz works fine.

ati mobility radeon m6c-16h driver

No nvidia hardware available Radekn for Xgl: Windows 7 Experience Index – Graphics. Bryce, I just filed bugstill having the issue. If not get it here: I believe it should be medium or high as it is a a regression from Tribe 5, and b a complete showstoper as far as effects are concerned – not system wide.

If you have an additional partition or hard disk, a fresh install is the easy way out. I think that may be something with monility ATI video card because i have no desktop effects. I just ended up turning it off completely.

Download ati mobility radeon m6ch driver – rankpostcaserse51 –

Today I have installed ubuntu 9. I will try the work around and see what happens. Mobility Radeon HD compare. There’s not been a comment on this bug for quite some time – is anyone still having this issue with 8.


Checking for Composite extension: Basically you can’t do anything.