I had similar problems with a Presonus Firebox which would only launch using the power supply. But in any case, sure, I will keep at least one of the two I have. Posted on May 10, 1: I’ve set the latency down to 64 samples without having a single problem, but I usually set it to samples. Soon to be the price at the time involved a bad series. I highly recommend it, I almost want to buy a second to dedicate to my MacBook. Instruments most often recorded:

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On reflection, I would reiterate perhaps a USB port to use my with my firewire hard drive firewire She passed away after more than 4 years of occasional use! For me, this little only sound card silent the opportunity to play with pre-amp that I was dcris like quality.


mzc I chose this card because it had good reputable, I had already had a map layla which was excellent and she silent censment recognized by Linux. Our members also liked: May 10, 9: I haven’t tested it with Windows yet. Not very practical, but a temporary solution that obviously is better than the horrible clicking I’ve learned to hate over the last few days For a second there, Audikfire thought I had it nailed.

audifire Cables provided, this is good. Especially with the sound card software very easy access to the 4 input levels seen with a very precise electronic meter. I bought it on the advice of a salesperson promo she was at the time it was a good deal considering the price today.

MPB doesn’t recognize Audiofire 4 – Apple Community

I used 4 months What is the specific feature you like best, the least? For now I appreciate the craft, although the latency Outher been lower. The configuration can’t be easier. Project as having to buy a laptop, I anticipate a little by taking qudiofire card. Echo Audio doesn’t seem to have come across the problem before.


The next reboot will set the card back to it’s previous state. With exprience, you do again this election? Alumage from the fault flashing LED orange. Reconue No longer in the system and after hours or weeks of research, installation new driver, firmware update and hair pulling her to finish the annoying poubelle. The number of silent and out well enough that I use requires it.

Almost no latency kan even a little. Unfortunately, I ma not finally taken the laptop and with full support under Liux ffado Relva fantasy. Hence, there’s no way I can change any of the sound card’s settings. Would I buy this product again?

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It’s the interface I had been dreaming about! With Live, never had any worries.

Last day very late having purchased shortly after its release. Any thoughts on this? Audiofire 4, FireWire audio audiofure from Echo in the Audiofire series.

Just connect it and OS X will automatically detect the card. Like the woman of my rve I certainly would remake the same choice! Ask a question Reset. I even managed to reboot once, and still get it to work. I’m suspecting it’s the MPB that is the problem, and not the sound card.


Didn’t make any difference, though.