What I am finding rather confusing is the relationship between the pinmux overlay fragments above , the beaglebone-pinmux-helper kernel code and the headers. Hello Derek, Thaks for the tutorial. Thank you for your wonderful selfless contributions. So i wonder if there is a way to use SPI to do the same things in kernel module. I covered this topic below before in a previous video. Please ignore my above question. It is a

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Still compile with Have you looked into reading the analog inputs of the Beaglebone Black? I am developing a I2C client driver and in that I am creating a sysfs interface for it.

What is that related to? Kefnel the overlay from. The description of this code and its use can be found in the video. Hi everybody, Thank to your explanation is now clear to me too. I think that makes the most sense. Thanks Derek for this nice write-up. It helps me a lot. You explain concepts in great detail.


Point to note is I followed same procedure again by deleting previous files. This depends on which mode we require. Derek, Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge with us.

Hai derek can you tell me how to make it as a part of kernel source. Still i am not getting test. I am using ubuntu Hi Derek, first of all, kerne you for the amazing content.

You are correct though, kwrnel is down to the permissions alone. Anyway your example helped me a lot, and to support your work i will definitely buy your Raspberry PI book.

If anyone else is interested, one approach would be to define the GPIO number through a module parameter loaded at runtime. I also watched the video and beaglebbone was great as well. This could mean that the kthread is still running msleep.

Using BeagleBone Black GPIOs |

Im very new to this environment. This is the second time I try to post the first comment was deleted. Maybe it is time for part 4?


Is a mistake in this website or there is another explanation?

Beaglbeone change permissions on those files using chmod. Can you please let me know how you generate the mapping table from the board itself? Again, thanks for your help, Peter M. You perfectly describe what is being done and why, which it sometimes unusual when looking out for information. The file compiled without complaint. Disabling the overlay in the uEnv.

Using BeagleBone Black GPIOs

A few values in the SRM did not work for me and this may have been one of them. Could you suggest me a better option that I can use universally wherever I need to convert 3. Lets say if you were bit bashing a port.