The drive is connected to the motherboard on the secondary hdd connector. When did it work? I’d shutdown and pull power and cable from drive, boot windows and see if any probs. May need to break down hardware to simplest form Join Date Nov Posts 2, May be corrupted registry. Join Date Nov Posts 2, Good puzzle.

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Join Date Nov Posts 2, When was last time it worked properly? I am using Windows 98,I hope you guys have the answer,thanks -Del. Join Date Nov Posts creativf, Kenwood specifies an access time of Despite the Kenwood’s quiet levels, there was a noticeable shaking during operation, which was isolated to random accesses.


A big plus goes crreative Creative for including a digital audio-out as well as the standard 4-pin analog audio-out. An added benefit of this read method is a drastically reduced RPM, leading to much quieter operation. Then do a d: The drive is connected to the motherboard on the secondary hdd connector.

  LIDE 20 N670U N676U DRIVER

Glad to hear that the drive is working. Again like Kenwood, Toshiba does not list a digital connection in their specs.

ATAPI CD-ROM Drive Roundup – The Drives

The cd rom drive is a sound blaster -Creative-cde. Can you put a bootable cd Win98, etc and set your bios to boot from cd first, then your other drives. Results 1 to 11 of Anything done just prior this prob? Is your drive on separate IDE controller? The time now is Any test we threw at the unit that involved random accesses caused the drive to either fail completely or perform extremely poorly. Thanks Ski and to all you guys for the informationDel.

When booting upthe post recognizes the cd-rom drive and when I am in Windows system properties,there is an entry for the cd-rom drive,when I click on its properties it tells me that this device is working properly!!!!!

[RESOLVED] Looking for Creative CDE drive for cdrom.

All times are GMT May need to break down hardware to simplest form When did it work? NoDriveTypeAutoRun 95 00 00 00 enables autorun Change that value to 00 00 00 00 disables autorun And, maybe, remove auto Insert Notification in the cd-rom system properties. Does the bootable cd actually boot in this configuration?? Either way, Toshiba is safe from scrutiny thanks to some prudent spec-sheet writing.


Also impressive were its heat levels. It may depend on the device’s built-in firmware. Fortunately its heat levels do not come near matching its sound levels. Considering this occurs during random access testing but not sequential transfer testing, this seems to be somehow related to how smoothly their head actuator mechanism tracks along the rails as it changes directions when seeking.

If that does not work, then the only thing I can say is that some devices work ok with it enabled, and some do not. In its favor the Delta supports digital audio-out as well as the standard 4-pin analog out.

Windows will boot up and work ok as long as I don’t load a disk in the CD-rom drive. That may allow DMA to be enabled for that drive. Then I would shutdown again, replace cable and power and let windows find the drive again.

Try using the latest drivers for your MB’s chipset if you have not done so already. CD-Rom drive locks up windows.