Eck , May 11, Ya gotta admit there was alot to remember! If an earlier PlayCenter v1. You must have the previous LiveDrvPack. For aplications i use the audigy 4’s that are the latest. Blurayfan , Jun 1,

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Just tell them you got the card from an original owner who had lost his cd’s.

Check that your Creative PlayCenter application’s version number is 3. Last edited by Mau1wurf on I also dl all the little patches and added that to the cd. My SC has Reverb and Chorus buttons on the front. Copyright – Creative Technology Ltd. Check if the version number is 5. If you do not know what revision of driver you currently have installed click here for instructions on how to check.

If crative don’t do this you will get silence when choosing an EQ! Feb 22, Messages: Then install the software updates and reboot, then install the updated driver and reboot.


Installing those things totally screw things up on the Live. The application will exit’.

Now i use the YouP 2. Click the OK button. May 10, Messages: This method here has never worked for the Live because nobody but the U-Pax people has figured out how to get rid of the errors in the software opening that you mentioned.

creatlve They actually look quite alike. If he can help me I alternate when using the Live between using the official drivers and software, on 98 the older vxd’s with the dos stuff, and this Audigy 2 method. You can see if you need to do creatife by checking the driver page in device manager.

Here are the search results for sb May 9, Messages: Give it a look over here: Do not install this driver for critical tasks.

Creative Worldwide Support

No, create an account now. This package is a stand-alone installation of the Sound Blaster Live! Nov 1, Messages: When installing this update, do not disconnect Audigy 2 NX.


Each one makes stuff sound different.

Sound Blaster Live! (Windows 2000/XP)

To do it with the Audigy 2 cd, you first have to either find the iso for that cd somewhere as the links in the old sticky thread no longer workor simply call Creative and order an Audigy 2 Blasyer ZS!

Wow that’s some amazing information right there This package upgrades the Sound Blaster Live!

I;ve read also beast’s posts and are interesting. Then scroll down in the big center window to Parametric and click the words Parametric creatlve it’s highlighted. My website with reviews, demos, drivers, tutorials and more