So while it is a big investment on the front-end, they will reap the rewards on the back-end! Once you’ve downloaded the app or opened the Shipt webpage you’ll need to register with the following information: I just haven’t seen this on really any site Shipt or other, but maybe I’m looking in the wrong places, I tend to be stupid most of the time , I’m not saying you’re lying, just that most sites I’ve seen seem to tell a different story, even “independent” sites with testimonials and anecdotal evidence seem to tell a different story. Yes, if any of the stores that Shipt is partnered with in your service area also sell alcohol, then Shipt will deliver it. We use Shipt about twice a week, I honestly don’t know what we would do without it.

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No or at least not deliberately. I almost never see any new customers under this system. I’m glad to hear that, Rob!

I can’t seem to find the answers to those questions on Alcohol, etc. Further, what you’re saying about tips and servers tipped wages is NOT correct, nor legal, everywhere in the US.


Shipt — How much do I tip?

Message 1 of 20 1, Views. Can I refer others to your site? Sign In Help Standards. Hopefully you enjoyed my sharing a little bit surface scratch about tipped wage, and how different the “minimum wage” is out here in Best Coast, USA, because it is totally different than so many other places. While I totally get what you’re saying, and I understand the math, the notions and points you’re making, I shippt think if we all really consider the questions I’ve posed, ask yourself, if even one of these is accurate, there’s a problem.

Share on Twitter Share on Facebook. Just ask my kids, when I write I tend to whisper-babble while I’m typing, so this is how I speak too, ha!

Did NOT get a tip. I just joined shipt and am so thankful for the service, I have a cast on my foot and cannot walk for awhile around a grocery store and since the cast is on my right foot I cannot drive and park for curb pick up. The often-used restaurant standard of giving a fixed percentage of your total bill doesn’t seem fair to the customer receiving the delivery or top Shipt shopper.


This supports the Maven widget and search functionality. All of our household and pantry items are ordered online without much inflation and often times cheaper than in-store. Of course many maybe most? Submit a new link. I hope you try it soon!

Thanks for listening, have a super Shipt week, all! Should you base it on the total amount spent or on how many items you’re buying. Instead, perhaps your approach yhe the business isn’t how they intended you to approach it. This is used for a registered author who enrolls in the HubPages Earnings program and requests to be paid via PayPal. Message 9 of 20 Views. I’ll try to explain this.

No, I’m not joking. Anyways, I believe it’s important to bring the reality of how itp America is in not only the ways we can see, but also in the ways we can’t see – especially when it comes to assumptions based on things we might know from where we’re at – but that do NOT apply in other regions. It is not a pleasant job for many reasons. Message 8 of 20 Views.


My Review of Buying Groceries Using Shipt

Are you even hard pressed to find extra time or is your day-to-day pretty flexible as-is? Shipt has implemented a system where they attempt to match a customer with a shopper they like.

Are you a non-driver? Getting your order right can be very important. Sometimes, but not always, which is why the question of rip well” for Shoppers is both perplexing and polarizing see szyslakexperienc reply. And if it is that way where you live, those laws allowing for a tipped wage are fucking archaic, backwards, and to be direct: The Good Now for the good: