Full Size serves ; Party Size serves Served with balsamic vinaigrette. Filled with heritage pepperoni and smoked Provolone cheese, and topped with Asiago, Romano, and Italian seasonings. Roseler Corporation dba Donatos Pizza. Benefits could be better but then again that’s a lot of companies these days. I drove and drove.

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Menu & Order

This company is a franchise of Donatos. Chicken breast, hardwood smoked deivery, bleu cheese, crisp apples, honey roasted pecans, dried cranberries. Italian Garlic Breadsticks Party Sizes 24 breadsticks with marinara sauce for dipping. Chicken Harvest Salad Salad Chicken breast, hardwood smoked bacon, bleu cheese, crisp apples, honey roasted pecans, dried cranberries.

No real benefits, Minimum wage. Family recipe meatballs with marinara sauce, smoked Provolone, Romano, and Italian seasoning. Way too stressful than necessary working inside the pizza shop.

Shaved ham, sliced salami, smoked Provolone, banana peppers, freshly cut Roma tomatoes, lettuce, marinara sauce. But unfulfilling and surrounded by overly selfish coworkers. Sliced chicken breast, fresh baby spinach, fresh mozzarella, freshly cut Roma tomatoes, roasted garlic, Romano Parmesan blend, olive oil instead of red sauce.


Hilliard South | Donatos Pizza

My biggest dislike of this sonatos was that it was extremely unfulfilling in multiple ways. Shaved ham, smoked Provolone, lettuce, freshly cut Roma tomatoes and yellow onions, house Italian dressing. Fun but depends on your location and team members. Claimed Profile Review this company.

Cheryl’s Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookies Party Sizes 12 cookies with Belgian bittersweet chocolate chips, semi-sweet chips and milk chocolate chips, pure cane brown sugar and pure Madagascar bean vanilla.

All proceeds benefit Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Crush Grape Beverages Crush Grape. Cheryl’s Fudge Brownies Party Sizes 10 individually wrapped brownies with real semi-sweet chocolate chips, unsweetened chocolate and cocoa.

The staff is easy to work with, the management is good at honoring scheduling needs and understanding of personal donatoa and scheduling conflicts. Most of my coworkers were also extremely selfish people who only cared for their own gain. There are times when you get to relax and catch up, and then youll have your busy times. Meatball Shareable Shareables Meatballs with marinara sauce, smoked Provolone and Romano cheeses with Italian seasoning. Oven baked and drizzled with salty caramel, and cut into 8 pieces.


Donatos Pizza | Every Piece Is Important

Fresh Vegy Oven Baked Subs Freshly cut Roma tomatoes, yellow onions and green peppers, fresh mushrooms, lettuce, banana peppers, smoked Provolone, house Italian dressing.

Margherita Pizzas Fresh mozzarella and Asiago, freshly cut Roma tomatoes, basil, olive oil instead of red sauce.

Management lacks good communication and organization skills. Create Your Own Pizzas Click “add to order” to build your pizza with choices of meat, veggies, and cheese toppings.

Main and Ashland

Diet Pepsi Beverages Diet Pepsi. My managers were very willing to work with people in general, and quite helpful. Breaded all white meat chicken hand-spun with your choice of Signature Donatos wing sauce.

If you deliver you will be paid 3 ways. Banana peppers, heritage pepperoni, freshly cut Roma tomatoes, smoked Provolone delkvery and Italian seasonings.

Employees who make food are usually a little busier then other positions, however delivery drivers can be busy if orders get stacked up. Donatos is a great place to work. Pizzas, subs, and salads with no artificial colors or flavors. Chicken breast, fresh mozzarella, Roma tomatoes, tomato bruschetta, Romano and Italian seasoning.


Good pay for easy work.