It even has a screen saved when the camera in power save mode. You can also record short sound clips to accompany captured images. The LED flashes green and orange when the camera is accessing the SmartMedia card and lights solid orange when an image is being recorded. Once we got the software loaded though, it worked quite nicely. Optics A 3x, 8. The only problem is that it’s washed out — not saturated enough.

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Movie with sound recording mode. Maha’s NiMH PowerBank sold under the PowerEx brand name, as shown above can be combined with a special “step-down” cable, which drops the pack’s voltage to the level required by the camera. Just click on the “Memory Wizard” button above to go to the FujiFilm memory finder, select your fuhifilm modeland click the shopping cart icon next to the card size you’re interested in.

An NP rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack accompanies the Zoom for power, and an AC finepiix is included as well. The FinePix ‘s power consumption is about average. If an image finepx has been enabled, the up and down arrows control the preview zoom feature.


Gear of the Year – Carey’s choice: The central autofocus target also shrinks slightly. To prevent the lens from extending from the camera, turn the Mode dial to the Audio position small microphone icon before powering on the camera.

Fujifilm: Support & Contact Center: FinePix

You can take still photos or videos while the camera is in the dock. Movies are recorded at the x pixel resolution size, at approximately 10 frames per second.

The Average metering system reads the entire scene and averages the exposure. Preparing this level of information on as many products as we do is incredibly hard work, not to mention expensive.

The image quality is excellent too!

When zooming, the camera picks up motor noise. On the 1st February this year Fujifilm announced two new digital cameras, the Z and Z to supersede their popular Z model.

You can also use this method to lock exposure only, after setting the manual focus. White balance setting with seven operating modes.


Although it has a little trouble with incandescent light sources. Dec 19, The up and down arrows control the 68800 of playback zoom.

This time around, we’ve also taken Fuji up on their recommendation to form opinions based on printed images, as opposed to viewing them solely on a computer monitor. When 600 FinePix is in the cradle, it will keep the NP battery charged it takes 5 hours for a full charge. Higher numbers are for immediate switch to play after shutter release.

Fujifilm FinePix 6800Z Review. Phil Askey

When the viewer launches, it immediately opens to a view of thumbnails of all the images currently on the camera’s memory card. As you might expect given finepiix all-automatic exposure system and maximum shutter time of three secondsthe Zoom had a few limitations in the low-light category.

Wednesday, June 6, Last Updated: I think they were right to aim for impact and general aesthetic beauty over and above true pixel count.


To make it easy for you to support us, fujifil, a URL you can visit, to see all our current advertisers, with links to click on that will register your visit to them as having come from our site. It kind of reminds me of Olympus’ Fujiiflm Master software at least on the Mac.

Obwohl nur mit 3 MP aufgenommen, gleichzeitig irgendwie knackig und matschig The following information is incomplete, as we haven’t had a chance to complete our outdoor tests with the camera in the short time we’ve had it. Behind that cover you’ll find a F2. In our testing, using the Night Scene photography mode, we were only able to obtain bright, usable images at light levels as low as one foot-candle 11 lux.

Optics A 3x, 8.