Hi…I found a good deal on a set of Taylormade R9 irons on http: How can I gell if the site is legit or my clubs are fake? Dallas, Texas Ebay ID: Steer well clear of this new site, it reeks of counterfeits. Anyone have any ideas as to how to get response from them? The sad part is I have actually sold a club I really did win in a raffle during a big scramble tournament. Here is a list of Callaway authorized online retailers.

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Can anyone comfirm this?

Wish I found it earlier. Recently purchased what was suspose to be taylormade R11 driver for I golf because I can But I stink because I can’t. Ever hear of a online site cheapgolf4u is this a legit online store or a ttleist one selling fakee. And iron sets…shewwww fogetaboutit! Most of the rip-off online stores have old inventories Nike platinum or regular-priced golf balls. My second clue should have been that the company was based in China.


Go to your local golf store instead. June 20, at All three websites are probably the same corrupt organisation.

My buddy just bought a set of Mizuno MX and the colors look awful. Also has security stickers on it and all other stickers too. I have played Taylormade all my life and should have known better when I saw teh price.

Posted 24 September – I found out later that they were counterfeits. I am looking at the Wilson ci 11 irons. You can find discounts from geniune online companies. I am more worried than you since I live in Malaysia, and anything that is not genuine would cost much more for restitution.

Titleist 910 D2 Possible Counterfeit / Fake

This is another perfect example of the thieves that masquerade as golf retailers in the boundless world that is the internet. Anyone know how to get hold of a company with the web site wholesalegolfplace.

Yes, you 9110 get a confirmation email once payment confirmed or package shipped. Real ones are made of titanium so the magnet won’t stick.


Companies Creating Fake Titleist Clubs – Golf Clubs – Team Titleist

And this was all brought about due to fixed pricing by the manufacturer. Today some of the fakes are very difficult to spot and a honest retailer of used equipment may have been fooled also.

Chinese characters all over the place. Buy from TGW or other reputable online retailer. When you think how much the big 3 sell their products for and the HUGE mark ups they have its no wonder the fakes are popular. I have been making custom clubs for over 5 years. And this leaves much more room for mischief.

The site purports to be out of Chicago. Back to Deal or No Deal? I was looking at buying another iron set on ebay and I found a couple different listings on there that are selling ping and taylormade iron sets that seemed ridiculously low. Unfortunately I know first hand.

Cheeper than manufacturers sell to retail outlets.