Then install the backup and restore software and the Media Vault utility from the included CD. There were a number of issues related to Vista that have been fixed with new software and firmware. Plug in the following cables:. The mv has a single GB drive and an empty slot for adding a second drive. If you want to restrict your HP Media Vault to using only StratumTwo servers, you can do an nslookup on one of the pool. The answer is a qualified ‘yes’.

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The power supply is not a standard ATX supply. Please note also that when you put the MV2 in firmware update mode as explained in step 4 below, it may self-select an IP of Once you do that, you can log in, but be careful, because if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can wipe out the OS, which resides partly in the flash memory, and partly on the hard drive. You should see your HP Media Vault and the new location that you created in the hpmvhosts file.

Privacy Policy Advertise Contact. Once you sign up with a service, you will either need a router that has a feature that supports dynamic DNS or download and install a free client on one of your PCs that will contact the service any time your IP address changes. Other options are available, mount your secondary drive in a 5 inch adapter eliminating the bulky caddy.


If necessary, you can solder on the original fan’s connector to the wires so that it fits the header provided inside the power supply.

HP Media Vault MV2020 – network drive – 500 GB

Setting up port forwarding is different for every router. For example, if you want to browse the files, map a drive letter, configure the media vault, or set up a backup, this utility will find the HP Media Vault s on your network and streamline the process of performing these routine tasks.

Some people have wondered it if is possible to replace the internal drive if it were to fail outside the warranty period or just to upgrade a GB internal drive to a GB or GB drive. You can skip those steps if you like, because you can always come back to them later. Please note, that URL will be different if vaulr changed the default name of your HP Media Vault to something other than ‘hpmediavault’, so modify it accordingly. Next install your primary hard drive in the slot under the drive base assembly.

You can resize or delete volumes on mediaa destination drive to make room to accept the mirror.

HP Media Vault Generation 1: New Life for an Old Friend

For those you will either need to find the printer’s installation CD and tell the setup wizard know that you have the disk Have Disk or you’ll have to download the drivers from the printer manufacturer’s support website and install them on the PC. If you only had a mirrored drive from a Media Vault and the Media Vault itself was destroyed, you’d only be able to retrieve it on another Media Vault.


If you encounter this situation, go into the Media Streaming settings and disable media streaming on all folders. This could take up to an hour or more. Using the config utility, you can also change features of vaulh folder; for example, whether the contents of a folder can be streamed.

Congratulations, you are done! You can use just about any Mini ITX MB, as long you can get the periphery to fit and stay within the limitation of the chassis.

HP Media Vault MV – network drive – GB Overview – CNET

This section applies to the MV1 only. The reason for this is that the mirroring process doesn’t really know what data to copy so it just copies all the blocks on the base volume to the mirror.

In the case where Volume1 was not mirrored, you will need to recreate Volume1 on the system drive and to do that, you should perform a hard reset after you’ve installed a blank drive and before running Nasload.


If you get an error about not understanding the file system, you may need to install smbfs using this command: It’s also too easy to disconnect its USB cable or power supply while the Media Vault is running, and this requires that the mirror be rebuilt which can take vvault hours. If you double click on the icon shown above, you’ll get a screen to appear like that shown here:.

Experimenting, or its oft-misunderstood synonym, “hacking”, is possible with the HP Media Vault. You can find that page here:. If not, you can edit the cleartmp script and remove that command. Evidently, the pixel HP used wasn’t really transparent and so it turns black, at least on Firefox, but mediz file works on IE, Safari and Firefox.

HP Media Vault review: HP Media Vault – CNET

You can even add RAID if you want! On occasion, there have been reports of a volume showing up in the Disk Settings as ‘unmounted’. Installing the Motherboard Carefully install the CPU into the motherboard, install either the passive heat sync or active fan. The bug fixes in this version are listed here.