Optional To make newly created logical drives available for data storage, in a Windows OS, use theoperating system disk management tools to create partitions and format the drives. ACU also provides support for advanced configuration tasks on page 6. However, an array can contain several logicaldrives, each of a different size. The default setting is enable. You can use this option to prevent stale cache issues.

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Do not mix Renumber and Join operations in the same script, because ACU Scripting does not update itsinternal state after a renumber. The -e switch information is used only if ACU must generate an error file.

HP ProLiant ML330 G3 w/embedded ATA RAID

You can configure iLO 2 through the command line. The variableThis variable provides the path to the device that you want to configure. Page 32 A list of all possible options for that task appears on the right side of the screen, replacing the up list.


Different types of applications have different optimum settings. ACU identifies possible Proilant configurations and lists spare drive capability, the size of the logicaldrive, fault tolerance, and write performance. Another instance of ACU is already running possibly a service.

Tasks are selectable from this screen. ACU can use default values in some instances, while in other instances, a listed option might not be relevantfor a particular configuration or scripting mode. Page 37 Splitting a mirrored array1. Select a device or devices from the Report Contents panel.

HP Proliant ML G6 First Looks – Review – PCMag UK

The listed tasks areavailable for this device in its current configuration. SizeBlocksThis option specifies the size of the logical drive in byte blocks. With an array controller installed in the system, the capacity of several physical drives can be combined intoone or more virtual units called logical drives also rxid logical volumes and denoted by Ln in the figures inthis section.

Thisparity data is calculated stripe by mp330 from the user data that is written to all other blocks within that stripe. Reasons such as off-topic, duplicates, flames, illegal, vulgar, or students posting their homework. SSD has less than an estimated 56 days before itreaches the maximum usage limit for writes wearout and should be replaced as soon aspossible. Post as a guest Name. Page 59 Viewing SSD physical drivesThe ssdphysicaldrive keyword is a valid target for the show command, and it outputs the solid statephysical drives on the specified controller.


You have to rely on USB or add a new controller card with an external port.

HP ProLiant ML330 G6 (517607-035) Server

Bottom Line The HP ML is a great general purpose server that fits nicely in small computer rooms, even under your desk. Become a fan of PCMag. The ML I tested is a configurable model as supposed to preconfigured models prolliant is sold with a single processor, but you can also buy it with dual processors.

Forexample, you cannot expand a logical volume andtransform its RAID level at the same time. When you are finished with the file, do one of the following: The smallest possible RAID 50 configuration has six drivesorganized into two parity groups of three drives each.

hp – Proliant ML G6, boot from ssd disk – Server Fault

Do not enter any extra text in oroliant command to specify the units. Page 78 For controllers that support Auto Replace Drive, setting this value to AutoReplace enables a rebuilt spare driveto become a data drive in the array. Generating the diagnostic report1.


Some of theadvanced tasks are available in only one format. Students Click Here Join Us! We review products independentlybut we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page. The show commandThe show command enables you to obtain information about a device.

For a list of options, enter the following: