I will be grateful if anyone can provide some advise. Nope, this is a real Prism card, a conceptronic c11pro: Why is this happening? I am trying to inject an association request thr one of my clients, on my wireless lan and dump the packets again on the base-station. This initially happened on my mobo old Intel FX probably. Here is the kernel.

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Thanks a lot for your answer!

Reboot and run dpmod -ae, whereupon I get pages of missing symbols. What should I try? OK, I confirm the problem.

HFA3841 Datasheet PDF

The latest CVS snapshot from http: Thanks, MS From imp at airlinktek. Regards, Jon From brock at digitalpath. This option requires basic OS understanding.

I have previously install the pcmcia-cs Are interisl cards starting to become hard to find and buy? Initialization failed Jul 10 It fails when I try to compile my driver as it tells me that I need the full source code although it does find the source headers.


Or to give me the correct pointer s because I am searching this from more than one month, jumping from personal pages to other personal pages, with some variations that I cant understand for now.

Invalid HW-addr family 0x References: WDT11 uses plx chip. Rev C only shows bare chips. He didn’t know this and was thinking it could be a prism2 so I put it into my machine and loaded hostap 0. Yes, Prism2 is little endian. Jun wlan0 IEEE I wish to know if you have had any resource conflicts arising from using ACPI?

Fujitsu LIFEBOOK SHdriver for Windows 10 bit (x64)

Prism2s card flash Message-ID: Tue, 8 Jul Cross compiling hostap Message-ID: The cards will be hfa38 cables up to a roof where there will be seperate antannaes facing in completely different directions point to point links. I know that the driver for Linksys WPC11 v2. I am happy, it worked with SMC. Hostap and zoomair Message-ID: You are reading my thoughts: So, inetrsil know for what is used this random A4 address? I searched across the available updates and found that the only upgradable version, supported by my hardware, is 1.


The problem is intresil only the secondary firmware 1. I don’t want to change my actual Bering distro against any other, because I use it from a certain time and it looks ok for me for all my past projects, IPSec VPN, etc I removed that ifdef.


inetrsil Since client does not have key set, it will send plain data packet to AP. However i think it is not the firmware issue. Hostapd needs to be told at least: I’m currently using prism2.