He has helped turn the entire problem surrounding the M into one of my most satisfying customer service experiences with any company. If you fold the display to the back, you’ll face a similar phenomenon. I find there is too big of a difference between adjacent brightness levels. The keys are slightly loud, especially when typing quickly. The chrome effect on the Dell and XPS logos add a bit of flair, but the overall statement is muted. But seeing as I was up the creek without a paddle, I decided to tough it out.

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Unfortunately, there is no dedicated switch for turning on and off the touchpad.

Dell XPS M1330 User Review

The back of the laptop is completely devoid of ports, with the space taken up by a fan vent and the battery. He has helped turn the entire vldeo surrounding the M into one of my most satisfying customer service experiences with any company. I was fortunate enough that a friend had a laptop he could loan me, vvideo me to continue studying.

The keys are slightly loud, especially when typing quickly. You can be sure to be at the absolutely safe side even through the coming years, at least regarding office and multimedia applications. Coming from a The sales rep I spoke to before placing vide order on July 4th told me it would take 10 to 15 days, but my order confirmation showed an August 22nd ship date.


The viewing angles of the reviewed panel are rather average.

Review Dell XPS M1330 Notebook

In addition, I found myself babying my previous laptop too much, so I wanted something well built, perhaps a business-grade laptop, which I could throw around without worry.

While there gideo plenty of discussion about the security merit of fingerprint readers, I purchased it exclusively for the convenience factor.

Typing is not too loud. The following is a compilation of the power consumption under different load types. Previously, with Windows XP, where the higher graphics performance levels were only needed in applications such as 3D rendering or gaming, the desktop in Vista can, and does call on the power of the GPU.

The hinges of the Dell M do not only look good, they also convince in use. No amount of explanation or Direct2Dell references was able to change their mind. I do not plan on doing any multimedia work on the go and gaming will be limited by the M GS card long before the CPU.


Sometimes, the fan runs even in idle mode at higher revolutions, which lets the notebook appear a little louder, but, in total the noise is acceptable.

Download the latest version of Video driver for the Dell XPS M free in English on CCM

Still, the noise emissions are at least when running office applications alright. With the 9-cell, that number jumps up to 5 hours 27 minutes. A big contributor to the structural rigidity of the M is the magnesium alloy base. If anyone could say it better, it would be the friends that were over when I opened up the box. My system came with an uneven base, which results in a slight wobble with the 6-cell.

A transport hooki. Apropos use at the lap: You may noticed a slight unevenness of the backlighting at the bottom — I believe this is due to the discrete nature of the LED backlight, with many spaced out around the display.

Especially the temperature of the palm rest areasmade of aluminum, was comfortable, because it did not exceed Of course, the price should not exceed ,- Euro. My next step was to attempt a replacement of the possibly defective GPU with a defect-free one.


Although the sound is generally alright, the basses could be better. Hoping to avoid any problems associated with the GPU, I preemptively called Dell support to see if I could purchase a warranty extension. The few games I do play work well in Vista and I have not noticed any issues that have detracted from my typical usage.

We think that this is maybe Dell’s way to differentiate between consumer and business notebooks. I go to an Apple store. So, the keyboard unit looks spacious. Dell does not offer Xpp or Windows XP configurations at this time.